Sponsorship Letter Requirements

  • Applicants must submit two sponsorship letters from current FACCs. One letter may be from the president of the cardiovascular society of the applicant’s country, even if they are not an FACC.
  • At least one FACC must be from the applicant’s country of practice.
  • Sponsors should be well acquainted with the applicant’s professional activities. They may not be relatives.
  • The letters should be originally written, dated and signed by the sponsor on the sponsor’s business letterhead and highlight the applicant’s professional accomplishments, such as hospital, medical society or educational leadership.

Bibliography Requirements

In order for your application to be evaluated fairly, please organize your bibliography using the following format. Otherwise, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Do not send reprints of articles, abstracts, etc.

List your publications precisely as published with:

  • Authors
  • Title of Article
  • Name of Journal (including Volume, Page and Date)

List and number the following publication types in separate categories as follows:

  1. Published papers in cardiovascular related peer-reviewed journals indexed in PubMed or Scopus
  2. Textbook chapters, invited articles and reviews
  3. Published abstracts
  4. Miscellaneous

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