Aditya Bharadwaj, MD, FACC

Aditya Bharadwaj, MD, FACC
Chair, Chapter Engagement Work Group

Babar Basir, DO, FACC

Babar Basir, DO, FACC
Co-Chair, Chapter Engagement Work Group

The goal of the State Chapter Engagement Work Group is to foster enhanced involvement of Early Career members at the state chapter level. We have developed a comprehensive toolkit tailored to assist chapters in seamlessly orchestrating these initiatives. This toolkit encompasses an array of valuable resources including welcome letters, impactful sponsorship correspondence and a roadmap for orchestrating networking events.

Our initiative is to identify a dedicated Early Career representative within every ACC state chapter, effectively weaving a network of fresh perspectives and dynamic energies. Together, we aspire to invigorate our field by empowering young physicians to shape the future of our profession.

We have provided a list of state chapters and their designated Early Career representatives. If you are interested in becoming more involved in your state chapter, feel free to reach out to Kate Bell at or Newton Wiggins at so that we can connect you with your state chapter representative. If your state chapter does not have a designated representative and you are interested in leading its Early Career activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us so that we can facilitate.

ACC State Chapter Early Career Representatives:

Alabama: None
Alaska: None
Arizona: Olufunso William Odunukan, MBBS, FACC
Arkansas: None
California (Northern): Celina M. Yong, MD, FACC
California (Southern): Aditya Satish Bharadwaj, MBBS, FACC
Colorado: Andrew Levy, MD
Connecticut: None
District of Columbia: None
Delaware: None
Florida: None
Georgia: Matthew Tyler Crim, MD, FACC
Great Plains (North Dakota): None
Great Plains (South Dakota): None
Hawaii: None
Idaho: None
Illinois: None
Indiana: Abhishek Khemka, MD, FACC; Mayank Mittal, MBBS, FACC; Amit C. Patel, MD; Anthony J. Voelkel, MD, FACC
Iowa: None
Kansas: None
Kentucky: None
Louisiana: Merrill Stewart, MD, FACC; Mehnaz Rahman, MD, FACC
Maryland: Jasmin Sahbaz, MD, FACC
Massachusetts: None
Michigan: Mir Babar Basir, DO, FACC
Minnesota: None
Mississippi: None
Missouri: None
Montana: None
Nebraska: None
Nevada: Jad Al Danaf, MD, FACC
New Jersey: None
New Mexico: None
New York (Metro): None
New York (Upstate): None
North Carolina: None
Northern New England (Maine): None
Northern New England (New Hampshire): None
Northern New England (Vermont): None
Ohio: Kurian Thomas Maliel, MD, FACC; Hemindermeet Singh, MD, FACC; Kenneth Varian, MD
Oklahoma: None
Oregon: Michael Layoun, MD, FACC
Pennsylvania (Eastern): Sheela Krishnan, MD, FACC
Pennsylvania (Western): Amber Elaine Johnson, MD, MBA, FACC
Puerto Rico: None
Rhode Island: None
South Carolina: None
Tennessee: None
Texas: Robert Jay Widmer, MD, FACC; Samreen Raza, MD
Utah: None
Virginia: Benjamin Zev Galper, MD, MPH, FACC
Washington: Adam MacArthur Noyes, MD, FACC
West Virginia: None
Wisconsin: None
Wyoming:  None