Sanah Christopher, MD, FACC

Sanah Christopher, MD, FACC

Nadia Fida, MD, FACC

Nadia Fida, MD, FACC
Co-Chair, Editorial Work Group

The Editorial Work Group strives to create content relevant to early career cardiologists. Blog articles, both written and video, cover a range of topics such as career and clinical practice choices, tips and reflections, financial planning, coding and billing, and other ACC-related activities. Blog articles are published on our Early Career webpage and featured in the monthly Early Career newsletter, which is shared with over 3000 early career professionals and promoted on social media. We strive to expand our platform to incorporate more audio-visual content with video clips, interviews, and podcasts.

Early Career Editorial Team

Billing and Coding
Amitabh Parashar, MBBS, MD, FACC
Salem VA Medical Center
Matthew Pierce, MD
Northwell Health
Aisha Siraj, MBBS, FACC
Metrohealth Medical Center/Case Western Reserve
Career Choices
Supria Batra, MD, FACC
George Washington University Hospital
Purvi Parwani, MD, FACC
Loma Linda University Health
Risheen S. Reejhsinghani, MD, FACC
Stanford University School of Medicine
Jill M Steiner, MD , FACC
University of Washington
Siu-Hin Wan, MD, FACC
UT Southwestern
Clinician Wellbeing
Vaani P Garg, MD
Mount Sinai Morningside
Balaji Pratap, MD, FACC
Suffolk Cardiac Care, LLC
Nishtha Sareen, MD, FACC
William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
Rosy Thachil, MD, FACC
Jacobi Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Financial Planning
Salaheldin A. Abusin, MBBS, FACC
Rush University Medical Center
Hussein Abu Daya, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Mazahir Alimohamed, MD
University of Minnesota
Mustafa Husaini, MD
Washington University in St. Louis
Sotirios Nedios, MD , FACC
Heart Center, University of Leipzig, Germany
Practice Settings
Rohan Mehta, MD
Baylor Scott and White
M. Abigail Simmons, MD, FACC
Presbyterian Health System, Albuquerque, NM
Aniruddha Singh, MD, FACC
Western Kentucky Heart and Lung/University of Kentucky at Bowling Green
Afnan R Tariq, MD, FACC
University of California Irvine