Time to Get Going on Involving FITs in Clinical Trials

Engaging more Fellows in Training (FITs) in clinical trials may allow them to acquire new technical skills related to running a clinical trial, as well as increased access to mentorship and networking opportunities beyond their respective institutions, according to an FIT/Early Career column published Nov. 26 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Parag Goyal, MD, FACC; Craig Michael Alpert, MD, FACC; and Ariela R. Orkaby, MD, describe the benefits of their unique experience with the Get Going trial, which included a local faculty mentor and an FIT in either cardiology or geriatrics at all 15 study sites across Canada and the U.S.

"Based on this invaluable experience, we are uniquely positioned to thrive as junior investigators, and we believe that additional formative opportunities for FITs such as our own Get Going experience are greatly needed," the authors write.

In a response to the column, Scott L. Hummel, MD, and Jonathan Afilalo, MD, FACC, who led the Get Going trial, comment that "FITs acquired invaluable experience and forged career-building bonds with other FITs and mentors." They add, "The integral layers of support and mentorship promoted local, national and international collaborations that continue today." Read more.