JACC FIT/Early Career Page: Integrating Inpatient Electronic Consultations in Cardiology Fellowship

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Electronic consultations (e-consults) may be helpful in addressing the increasing need for cardiology consultative care, according to a Fellow in Training (FIT)/Early Career Page published Aug. 19 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Inbar Raber, MD, et al., provide an overview of cardiology e-consults and discuss the potential impact an inpatient e-consult service could have on FITs. They note that e-consult services could enable FITs to better triage clinical scenarios and devote their time appropriately to more complex cases.

In a response to the column, Umesh N. Khot, MD, FACC, comments that "e-consultation will play an increasingly important role in the practice of cardiovascular medicine." He adds, "Including fellows in its delivery will be an important aspect of preparing them for patient care in the future."

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