FIT/Early Career Page: CV Education Science

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Engaging in cardiovascular-specific education science may present an opportunity for Fellows in Training (FIT) and early career cardiologists to make novel contributions to a nascent field with potential for collaboration across specialties, according to an FIT/Early Career Page published Oct. 28 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC).

Michael W. Cullen, MD, FACC, explains that despite the size of cardiovascular CV training programs and the unique cognitive and technical skills required to practice cardiology, the literature lacks papers dedicated to cardiovascular education. However, he questions whether cardiovascular education science a worthy pursuit for FITs and early career cardiologists, as several challenges exist.

In a response to the column, Harold L. Dauerman, MD, FACC, comments that "the ACC and JACC have embraced the importance of education science with dedicated FIT journal sections and specific cardiovascular education abstract areas." He adds, "Participation of the current-generation FIT and early career cardiologists in growing the education scholar track is a wide-open opportunity."

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