Telehealth in Cardiology: The Future is Today

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Substantial implementation of telehealth will likely transform the practice of medicine and may increase pressure on solo practices or small groups to adopt new technology and methods of practice.

In a recent article, Cardiology magazine talked with several ACC members about telehealth in real life and how they are using it to enhance their practice. Member addressed the virtual visit, taking a proactive approach an embracing new practice models. Read more.

In addition, an article in Cardiovascular Business magazine discusses how telemedicine use continues to expand, offering opportunities for cardiologists, practices and health systems. The article also features interviews with ACC members, including Heba S. Wassif, MD, MPH, FACC, member of the ACC Health Care Innovation Leadership Council, and Mohamed B. Elshazly, MD, FACC, member of the ACC Health Care Innovation Digital Health and Devices Work Group, about their thoughts on telemedicine. Read the article.