A legislator practice visit is an opportunity for federal and state government officials to witness first-hand how the cardiac care team provides patients with quality, cost-efficient care by employing state of the art technology, health care data and professional training through a team approach. Most importantly, attendees will observe the dedication and compassion that the cardiac care team devotes to their patients daily.

A legislator practice visit can be hosted in any number of locations, such as academic settings, hospitals, clinics and private practices.

It is important that legislators understand how their decisions impact the cardiovascular community and their patients. This can be done, for example, by briefly explaining how a proposed policy will restrict a cardiologist from exercising his or her clinical expertise. It is also imperative to offer an alternative solution or idea that addresses any concerns the participant may have.

When explaining how care is delivered, it is important to avoid over-usage of clinical terms and remain conscious of the time allotted for the session.

The follow-up process is key to solidifying your message and it is recommended that you send thank you letters on your letter head to legislators who participated in the program. The ACC staff is available to draft the language.

  • Welcome and Introductions: Be sure to give a brief description of your team members' responsibilities. (5 minutes)
  • Overview: Give a brief explanation of technology, business operations and quality improvement tools and why they are important for delivering care. (10 minutes)
  • Tour (30 minutes)
  • Open Discussion: The host should open the discussion and encourage questions. (15 minutes)
  • Conclusion: Use this time to thank attendees and take a group photo. (10 minutes)

ACC staff can help you every step of the way. This is your program and the times listed above are simply examples. Working with one of the staff members below, you can determine whom you would like to invite and a timeline for correspondence and follow up will be established in order to maximize participation.

Frank Edward Ryan, JD
Senior Advisor, State Government Affairs
202-375-6409 | fryan@acc.org

Angela Shuman
Director, State Government Affairs

Lucas Sanders
Director, Congressional Affairs
202-375-6397 | lsanders@acc.org

Elizabeth Shaw
Manager, Federal Grassroots Development
202-375-6404 | eshaw@acc.org

Michael Lawrence
Sr. Manager, State Government Affairs
202-375-6514 | mlawrence@acc.org