ACC: Paving the Pathway to Clinical Excellence

In the fast-paced cardiovascular world, advancing knowledge is the key to fighting heart disease. However, interpreting the overwhelming amount of new information can seem impossible. As part of its ongoing strategic efforts to transform cardiovascular care, the ACC has made a commitment to helping clinicians better understand the latest research and advancements and incorporate them at the point-of-care to improve patient outcomes.
Over the last several years the College has hosted multidisciplinary roundtables that focus on hot topics such as heart failure, lipid management, anticoagulation management and valvular heart disease. These innovative events bring together top experts, patient advocates and representatives from across the health care spectrum to examine new research, debate controversies, define gaps in the guidelines and discuss how to overcome practical barriers to care. This year, the College hosted its heart failure roundtable in July, the LDL think tank in September, and the anticoagulation roundtable and “Organized Systems of Anticoagulation Care Summit" in October. A valvular heart disease roundtable will take place Dec. 12 – 13.
Outcomes from the multidisciplinary roundtables drive ACC’s clinical strategies. They are used to develop comprehensive solutions to improve patient care. Among these solutions: expert consensus documents, smarter mobile apps, clinical-decision tools, and patient education materials and resources.
At the end of the day, the goal of the College’s clinical pathway activities is to accelerate change and transforming cardiovascular care by bridging the gaps between science and practice. For more on ACC’s Quality Programs, go to
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