MOC Update: ABIM to Recognize QI Activities in Training Programs For MOC Credit

Program directors will now receive Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits in the practice assessment category for quality improvement (QI) activities inherent to their roles, according to a recent announcement from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). This change is the direct result of comments provided by the ACC and other specialty societies requesting that such activities that contribute to patient care be approved for ongoing MOC credit. The approved proposal also includes a provision that grants program directors the authority to attest to faculty participation in program-related QI activities in order to receive MOC practice assessment credit.

In order to streamline the MOC credit process, program directors will automatically receive credit through the ABIM FasTrack system. A modification will be made within the system to allow for once annual attestation of faculty involvement in QI. Further, the ABIM emphasized that a mechanism is already in place to recognize different sponsors of QI activities for MOC credit, in order to include clinicians outside the training program and academic settings to whom the approved proposal may affect.

The ABIM reports that while they continue to place importance on recognizing QI activities for MOC credits, diplomates will be held harmless if they do not report practice assessment MOC activities. In addition, ABIM diplomates who receive MOC credit as a result of this new process will not need to pay any additional fees to ABIM for the MOC points.

The ACC will continue to advocate for improvements to ABIM’s MOC process to ensure it provides the most value and relevance for those members choosing to participate in the process. Stay tuned to for continued updates, as well as access to all of the College’s MOC activities, which are free to members.

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