State Advocacy: What’s Ahead For 2017

What issues will state legislatures be tackling in 2017? Cardiology asked ACC’s Advocacy Team for their thoughts on the priority grassroots issues in the New Year.

2017 Public Health and Prevention Objectives:

  • Tobacco Control: Enacting legislation to raise the purchase age for tobacco products to 21, enacting smoke-free laws, raising cigarette taxes and increasing funding for smoking cessation are expected to be key issues in many states across the country.
  • CPR: Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia require instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation as a high school graduation requirement. Adding additional states and local jurisdictions is a high priority.
  • Physical Education: Required physical education in grades K – 12 and required recess in grades K – 6 are important tactics in the ongoing battle against childhood obesity. Two-thirds of states have no such requirements. The ACC will work with its State Chapters to encourage the increased implementation of required physical education and recess.
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest: The ACC has developed resource materials for legislators and advocates outlining policies to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in scholastic athletes through training, education and on-site resources. State Chapters are encouraged to support legislation based on ACC principles.
  • Pulse Oximetry Screening: Most states have laws requiring lifesaving pulse oximetry screenings for newborn infants. Going forward, the College will work to strengthen these laws in states where they exist, while also working to implement requirements in states without existing legislation.

2017 Practice Management Objectives:

  • Medical Malpractice: An ongoing battle each session, the ACC will continue to oppose proposals seeking to repeal the current medical malpractice state litigation system and replace it with a workers’ compensation model, creating regulatory “expert panels” with authority to determine the validity of claims and patient compensation.
  • Emergency Care and STEMI: Determining how to best to leverage technology, data and trained personnel to improve door-to-balloon times and outcomes, while also opposing regulations whenever they become burdensome or duplicative, are priorities for the ACC and its State Chapters.
  • Access to Services and Prescriptions: The ACC will continue working with medical societies and patient advocacy groups to preserve provider autonomy and support patient-centered care by reforming prior authorization policies and opposing burdensome, costly step-therapy proposals.

Get Involved

The ACC provides resources and opportunities allowing members to communicate directly with local legislators and government officials and coordinate their advocacy efforts with local stakeholders. Learn more about getting involved with state advocacy efforts at

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