Editors’ Corner | MARCHing Ahead In Our Quest to Advance Solutions to Heart Health

MARCHing Ahead In Our Quest to Advance Solutions to Heart Health

March is a big month for the ACC this year, with our Annual Scientific Session taking place in New Orleans (and virtually) together with the World Congress of Cardiology (WCC). From headline-making science to countless opportunities to engage with leading global experts on topics spanning the entire clinical spectrum of cardiovascular care, ACC.23/WCC continues to set the bar for cutting-edge education, science and overall learning.

If you missed it, the Virtual Package is available through March 13 and includes a free, one-year subscription to ACC Anywhere, the College's revamped on-demand video library. You can also check out some of the early science making the news from the meeting in our Prioritizing Health column.

Prevention and health promotion were among the hot topics at ACC.23/WCC, whether as a key Learning Pathway or the topic of Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Featured Clinical Research. This month's cover story looks at three conditions – obesity, diabetes and sleep-disordered breathing – that are considered among the biggest challenges when it comes to preventing and treating patients with cardiovascular disease.

Successfully managing this trio can truly lead to a shift in patient outcomes and reduce further risks and cardiovascular events. Hopefully you will come away from this issue with practical steps to handle this "triple whammy" of conditions and important information about their combined impact on cardiovascular disease.


Also in this issue, catch up on highlights from our successful 2023 Cardiovascular Summit in Washington, DC, where participants caught up on the latest skills, best practices and strategies to advance cardiovascular patient care, improve health outcomes and sustain workforce well-being in today's evolving health care environment.

Also be prepared to be amazed by the incredible work of ACC's State Chapters in advancing the Mission and Vision of the College and delivering on key strategic goals over the last year. The on-the-ground work of ACC Chapters – at both the state and international levels – is so critical and we thank the leaders, members and staff for all of their efforts to drive change and create a world where science, knowledge and innovation optimize care and outcomes. Additionally, catch up on what's new in ACC clinical documents and get to know ACC's incoming President B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC, including his path to leadership and his goals for the year ahead.

In our regular columns, Hiroki Ueyama, MD, and Isida Byku, MD, FACC, review the development of transcatheter electrosurgery as part of "Cutting-Edge Structural Interventions," and Edwin Takahashi, MD, Eric A. Secemsky, MD, MSc, FACC, and Sanjay Misra, MD, explore what the results from the BEST-CLI trial mean for clinical practice in "Peripheral Matters."

We also remember the lives of Susan Smyth, MD, PhD, FACC, and Frank I. Marcus, MD, FACC, as part of "The Pulse of ACC," and share highlights from the ACC's 2022 Annual Report in "Number Check." More than 400 individuals contributed to the ACC Annual Fund this year, helping to grow and sustain important activities like Young Scholars and the Internal Medicine Program, along with leadership pipeline programs, research awards and more. Together we all make a difference and the College greatly appreciates this important support.

Enjoy this issue and stay tuned next month for all the highlights fit to print from ACC.23/WCC! As always, please send your thoughts and feedback to CardiologyEditor@acc.org.

Peter C. Block, MD, FACC

Peter C. Block

John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC

John Gordon Harold


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