Work Group Leader
Parag Goyal, MD, Chair

Work Group Members

Imdad Ahmed, MD
Craig Alpert, MD
Natasha Lipson Altman, MD
Sameer Ather, MD
Giselle Baquero, MD
Sukhdeep Basra, MD
Gwen Bernacki, MD
Jorge Brenes Salazar, MD
Xuming Dai, MD
Abdulla Damluji, MD
Sarika Desai, DO
John Dodson, MD, FACC
Kelsey Flint, MD
Michael Foster, MD
Farshad Forouzandeh, MD
Jill Grounds, MD
Nkechi Ijioma, MD
Jonathan Kahan, MD
Jennifer Lewey, MD
Sara Partington, MD
Penelope Rampersad, MD
Shmuel Schwartzenberg, MD
Paolo Severino, MD
Yuichi Shimada, MD
Matthew Tattersall, MD
Poonam Velagapudi, MD
Mohit Turagam, MD

The goal of this work group is to foster the engagement of FITs and Early Career professionals in the activities of the Geriatric Cardiology Member Section and to advance their career goals in order to train the next generation of academic Geriatric Cardiologists.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Dr. Parag Goyal at