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The mission of the Geriatric Cardiology Member Section is to provide a professional home for members with competencies in care of older adults with cardiovascular disease, as well those interested in advancing these skills. This is aligned with the mission of the American College of Cardiology in transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health for older adults.


The Geriatric Cardiology Section Leadership Council will synergize the delivery of valuable cardiovascular care to older adults in order to dramatically reduce their incidence, severity and complications of cardiovascular disease.

Roles and responsibilities

The Geriatric Cardiology Council shall oversee activities and initiatives pursued by or on behalf of the ACC Geriatric Cardiology Section, and shall actively seek collaborations with other relevant member sections. The Council shall advise the leadership of the American College of Cardiology on the evolving dimensions of aging in understanding cardiovascular disease and management in alignment with the overall vision and mission. The Geriatric Cardiology Section Leadership Council and Member Section will:

  • Design and deliver relevant education for CV clinicians on the complexities of caring for older adults with CVD through the Section’s online clinical collection and with accreditated educational programming provided through the ACC’s learning outlets.
  • Guide and advance legislation that supports patient-centered care for older adults with CVD and advocate for the elimination of policy barriers to effective care.
  • Foster relationships with complementary member sections and committees across the ACC – to ensure that aging is a key consideration in the development of clinical practice strategies, clinical guidelines, and the management across the care continum of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Serve as a resource for ACC Leadership for the ACC Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, and other leadership bodies, for strategic initiatives that are relevant to the care of older adults with CVD/ aging.

Helping You Adapt to the Changing Patient Demographic

The Geriatric Cardiology Member Section plays an important role in helping the ACC define excellent cardiovascular care for the aging population prone to heart disease in the context of challenging healthcare financial limitations.

As a member of the Section, you will be given opportunities to influence College activities related to clinician education, advocacy concerns, quality initiatives (including patient education), and research efforts. Through the work of the Section, the ACC hopes to equip all members who treat older adults with the skill set required to react to this patient demographic.