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I am thrilled to welcome you to the webpage of the Medical Student Leadership Group. Under the auspices of the ACC, our Leadership Group was founded in 2020 with a charge to develop and guide the ACC Medical Student Community, which has grown to include students of all years across the world. The profession of cardiology remains an attractive field of medicine with new and emerging subspecialties and career paths.

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On this page, to illuminate the profession for trainees interested in cardiology, we curate perspective pieces from medical students and interviews from faculty members as well as shareable resources. We welcome your input and feedback as we train together within the Medical Student Community. You may contact me at, our editorial staff or ACC staff member, Kimarie Chang, at

Thank you for your time and interest while visiting our webpage.

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About Us

It is our mission to introduce our peers across the country to the opportunities and philosophies of cardiovascular medicine. We aim to supplement your education with student-focused resources, provide unique networking opportunities, and foster professional growth through your academic endeavors. We support our like-minded medical student members to explore cardiovascular medicine together and inspire the next generation of cardiologists.

Contact Kimarie Chang at with questions about the group!

ACC Medical Student Member Community: Submit Your Perspective Pieces for e-Publication!

If you are interested in submitting a perspective piece for the ACC Medical Student Webpage, please visit our Get Involved page to submit a form to indicate your interest and a member of the editorial committee will be in contact with you.

Section News

Som Prabh Singh

Student-Run Free Health Clinics: Mobilizing Care to Address Health Disparities

May 10, 2021   |   Som Singh, BA

Feature Article

Student-run free clinics are sponsored, not-for-profit forms of community-level outpatient care. Student volunteers are involved in nearly all aspects of clinic operations while under the supervision of volunteer doctors, pharmacists and other health care professionals. In addition, literature supports the general attitude among student volunteers is that volunteering at these clinics improves their clinical skills holistically.

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