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This page exists as an online destination for medical students of all years interested in the profession and discipline of cardiology. Our unique partnership with the ACC gives us the opportunity to enrich and enhance the personal, academic, and professional experiences of medical students.

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The Medical Student Leadership Group oversees this growing segment, which was formed in 2020. The Leadership Group provides academic resources, perspective pieces, and leadership opportunities to the community.

We are very excited for you to join, connect, and engage with us and our colleagues!

About Us

It is our mission to introduce our peers across the country to the opportunities and philosophies of cardiovascular medicine. We aim to supplement your education with student-focused resources, provide unique networking opportunities, and foster professional growth through your academic endeavors. We support our like-minded medical student members to explore cardiovascular medicine together and inspire the next generation of cardiologists.

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Section News

Christian Faaborg-Andersen, BS

A Global Pandemic: When the Learner, Provider and Patient Became One

April 2, 2021   |   Christian Faaborg-Andersen, BS

Feature Article

Like a kid on the first day of school, I arose from bed at around 4:45 a.m. on Monday, March 2, 2020 with butterflies in my stomach. The clerkship year had at long last arrived. I donned my surgical scrubs and brushed my teeth as the moon stood high and the crickets chirped outside my window. The world was quiet. Then came the cold sweat down my neck and my face felt hot. At that moment, I knew there was an infection blooming inside my lungs.

Zoilo Karim Suarez Yeb

The Silent Bias: Risks of Not Following Clinical Guidelines in Developing Countries

April 2, 2021   |   Zoilo Karim Suarez Yeb, MD

Feature Article

There are several factors that are essential for personal development, but what are they? I am a firm believer that introspection is an important key to growth. After traveling to the U.S. from the island nation of the Dominican Republic to do a sub-internship, my interactions with residents, fellows and attendings have given me a new perspective on how medicine should ideally be practiced and has made me reflect on the issues that are silently affecting thousands of lives within my "Quisqueya La Bella" (Dominican Republic).

Fariha R. Hameed, BS

The Impact of a Mentor

February 5, 2021

Feature Article

A field as vast as medicine can be challenging to navigate for a budding medical student. As someone who has benefitted from having an exceptional mentor, I understand the impact mentorship can have on a medical student’s future trajectory.

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