Check out the Cardiac Rehab Information for Physicians On-Demand Webinar series created by the work group!

The Prevention member section's work groups include:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Work Group – Chair, Dr. Daniel Forman, MD, FACC
The mission of the Cardiac Rehabilitation group is to expand the clinical, scientific, and epidemiologic basis of cardiac rehabilitation as well as to foster increased utilization of this important service.  Use of cardiac rehabilitation as a Secondary Prevention Center, as well as treatment of the broad spectrum of patients, including those with heart failure and peripheral arterial disease, is strongly supported and encouraged.

Disparities of Care – Co-Chair, Dr. Karol Watson, MD, FACC and Co-Chair, Eric Brandt MD, MHS, FACC
Despite significant decreases in Cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality in recent decades, profound disparities in CVD and associated risk factors exist in many ethnic/racial groups in the United States. The goal of the Disparities of Care work group is to increase awareness of critical CVD disparities among all ACC members, identify specific areas that need attention, work collaboratively with other members of the council and the college at large to help narrow these gaps.

Dyslipidemia & Familial Hypercholesterolemia Work Group – Co-Chair, Dr. Dave Dixon, PharmD, FACC and Co-Chair, Dr. Jaideep Patel, MD
The Dyslipidemia & Familial Hypercholesterolemia Work Group is a network of experts in these areas of focus. The work group engages in educational program planning, website content development, and manuscript writing.

Diabetes & Cardiometabolic Syndrome Work Group – Co-Chair, Dr. Prakash Deedwania, MD, FACC; Co-Chair, Dr. Laurence Sperling, MD, FACC; and Co-Chair, Nishant Shah, MD, FACC
The Diabetes & Cardiometabolic Syndrome work group goals are to provide ACC members and the scientific community at large with an update of advances in the fields of diabetes, Metabolic syndrome and related disorders specially as these relate to the cardiovascular disorders. The group will conduct meetings, develop educational resources, and provide feedback as requested.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Work Group – Chair, Dr. Karen Aspry, MD, MS, FACC
The Nutrition & Lifestyle Workgroup advocates for, educates, and empowers healthcare providers to use lifestyle medicine to improve cardiovascular outcomes with less drug, less procedures, and more behavioral change when it comes to healthful eating, exercise, stress relief, and social support. Check out the Hospital Food Program created by the work group.

Smoking Cessation & Prevention Work Group – Co-Chair, Dr. Eric Stecker, MD, FACC and Co-Chair, Noreen Nazir MD, FACC
Members of the Smoking Cessation and Prevention Workgroup are dedicated to helping cardiologists become more engaged and effective in reducing the burden of smoking. There are few cardiovascular treatments that are more impactful than policies that prevent young people from becoming smokers and clinical care interventions that help adults to quit.

Hypertension Work Group – Co-Chair, Dr. Eugene Yang, MD, FACC and Co-Chair, Beth Abramson MD, MSc, FACC
The Hypertension Work Group is comprised of members from diverse clinical backgrounds who have an interest in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of hypertension.  We provide a voice within the ACC on hypertension issues and work to develop materials that promote education around hypertension.

Digital Strategy – Chair, Dr. Salim Virani, MD, FACC
The Digital Strategy Editorial Team solicits, writes, and reviews content for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Topic Collection.

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