Webinar on Demand: Lifestyle – Why Good Medicine Starts With Prevention

Preventive medicine along with lifestyle modification (including adopting and/or adhering to a heart healthy diet, regular exercise habits, avoidance of tobacco products, and achieving or maintaining a healthy weight) remains the foundation for health promotion and cardiovascular disease risk reduction. However, most Americans continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle and fewer than 1 percent of adults have all seven AHA cardiovascular health metrics at ideal levels. Further, most health care providers have very limited training and knowledge in healthy dietary patterns, a deep understanding of exercise needs, the dangers of unhealthy foods, and a mastery of recent evidence in the nutrition and lifestyle realm. In this webinar, ACC's Nutrition and Lifestyle Work Group of the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Section aim to take cardiovascular health providers through the ways to develop a preventive cardiology service line. The webinar also spends some time on the key questions CV professionals face every day – should I drink coffee, what is a heart healthy dietary pattern, how do I help people make behavioral changes and stay afloat, and what foods should I avoid?