About the Education Committee
The mission of the Academic Section Education Workgroup is to provide leadership in cardiovascular education at all levels of training and expertise, for the academic cardiologist of the ACC. Areas of endeavor include:

  • The development, vetting, and submission of educational proposals for live programs and online educational offerings;
  • Recurring webinar series, and
  • On-going evaluation of the educational needs of the ACC's Academic Membership

Members interested in joining this group should contact ACC staff, Alex DiTommaso at aditommaso@acc.org

Susan Smyth, MD, PhD, FACC – Chair
James "Brian" Byrd, MD, MS, FACC
Usman Barber, MD, FACC
Andrew Einstein, MD, PhD, FACC
Howard Eisen, MD, FACC
Firas Zahr, MD, FACC
James Fang, MD, FACC
Tarif Khair, MD, FACC
Robert Kornberg, MD, FACC
Lisa Martin, MD, FACC
Nanette Kass Wenger, MD, MACC
Pranav Kansara, MBBS, FACC
Andrew Goldsweig, MD, FACC
Martin Schwarz, PhD
Jacqueline Tamis-Holland, MD, FACC

Educate Workgroup Webinars