Academic Profiles: Medical Education in Academic Cardiology: Dr. Katie Berlacher

Kathryn Berlacher,  MD, MS

Kathryn Berlacher, MD, MS, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Associate Chief of Education for the UPMC Heart Vascular Institute. She also serves as the Program Director for their Cardiovascular Fellowship Program as well as Director of their Women's Heart Program. Nationally, she chairs the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Lifelong Learning and Overnight Committee, and she co-directs ACC's Emerging Faculty course. Dr. Berlacher recently shared her experience in and perspective on medical education in cardiology with Lakshmi S. Tummala, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University.


  • Early on, probably best to choose UME OR GME – but once you're established, anything is fair game!
  • Remember that education at high levels includes administration, and you must be okay with that
  • Formal training (like a master's degree) can accelerate your course but probably won't change the ultimate outcome
  • There is growing appreciation for the value of education in cardiology
  • There is always room for medical educators at the table!
  • 'Medical education works' means our impact and legacy is on humans
  • Education is a science
  • Think about value and happiness, not hours worked, in considering work-life balance
  • It's okay to find medical educator mentors outside of cardiology. Find your people!