VIBRANT-AF Study Provides New Patient-Reported Outcomes Research Opportunity With NCDR

Participating in NCDR offers facilities new opportunities to access patient-reported data to gage long-term outcomes. AFib Ablation Registry participants can now offer for their patients to take part in VIBRANT-AF, a prospective, long-term study led by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). By collecting repeated and real-time patient-reported data with the EUREKA mobile app, the study seeks to identify clinically relevant predictors of effectiveness and complications of atrial fibrillation (AFib) procedures. With minimal effort, NCDR AFib Ablation Registry facilities can link baseline NCDR data of study patients with longitudinal follow-up data. Participating sites will only need to hand out postcards printed with individual study IDs to their AFib ablation patients and then enter the unique study ID for each patient in the AFib Ablation Registry Research Study Patient ID field. No additional data collection is required from the facility. Learn more. For more information on the VIBRANT-AF research opportunity, attend an upcoming webinar hosted by Gregory Marcus, MD, MAS, from UCSF on Feb. 16 at noon ET. Register here.