Review of the ACC Guideline Clinical App

Purpose: The purpose of the ACC Guideline Clinical App is to function as a centralized resource for clinicians to access a diverse collection of guideline data and tools. The guideline data provides versatile features with users being able to take notes, insert bookmarks and export to email-friendly PDFs. A search function is also available to help streamline user's clinical questions. Furthermore, guideline recommendations' "Key Points" and summaries are available for quick reference. The app includes 21 separate section guidelines and several useful interactive tools such as risk scores, calculators and algorithms.

Cost: Free.

Size: 79 MB on Android and 70.5 MB on iOS.

Compatibility: The app is available from the iTunes or Google Play app stores. If downloading from iTunes, the app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If downloading from Google Play, the app requires an Android 4.4 and up.

Target Audience: The intended target audience for this app is all health care providers who take care of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Neat Features: This app allows you to search various guideline content, tables and figures, as well as customize features with bookmarks and notes. Future enhancements are aimed at transitioning the Guideline Clinical App into a point-of-care tool. It has recently been updated with the 2018 Cholesterol Guidelines.

Comparable Apps: For clinicians in the U.S., there are no comparable apps in the Apple or Google Play app stores that achieve this purpose.

This article was authored by Fabio V. Lima, MD, MPH, cardiologist at Brown University in Providence, RI.