Why should I get involved?
The ACC Leadership is invested in your career development and has numerous resources to help launch the type of career you want to have. Through the ACC, you will learn important leadership, networking and advocacy skills as well as meet lifelong colleagues, friends and mentors.

How do I get involved?
There are many ways to get involved with the ACC as a FIT! Here are some ideas:

Opportunities at the state chapter level:

  • Present posters and network with other FITs and faculty at local ACC chapter meetings
  • Participate in state chapter FIT Jeopardy Competition!
  • Represent your state in ACC Legislative Conference
  • Be a State Chapter Representative
    • Organize webinars focused on non-clinical content competencies.
    • Advocate for in-person sessions for FITs at local state chapter ACC meetings
    • Organize symposiums and networking opportunities with other FITs in your state
    • Attend local Women in Cardiology meetings

Excited but need inspiration?

Wait, there is more! At the national level, you can

  • Apply to become a mentor for the ACC Internal Medicine Program - provide mentorship to encourage diverse and inclusive applicants for next generation of Cardiologists.
  • Apply for ACC FIT Editorial Board - as an editorial board member, you can write three to four non-clinical pieces during a one-year term on topics including but not limited to: Advocacy, Career Development, Education, Health & Tech, Finance and Humanism, WIC, DEI and others. Applications are typically due in August of every year.
  • Apply for ACC FIT Leadership Council - as a council member, you can take part in many initiatives focused on engaging FITs through the Chief Fellows' Network, FIT Editorial Board, Advocacy, Education, Communication, Mentorship to Medical Resident and Medical Student Work Groups and more. Deadlines typically early September of every year.
  • Apply to one (or more) of 60+ committees of the American College of Cardiology. Deadlines typically early September of every year.
  • Apply to mentor medical residents and medical students interested in Cardiology through Young Scholars Program.
  • Attend annual Scientific Sessions to mix and mingle with ACC Leadership, attend the Young Professionals Lounge sessions to get updates on clinical, research and professional development, network with other FITs and mentors, participate in FIT jeopardy, FITs on the Go, and more.

All these options! Where do I start?
Breathe! Review your local state chapter and national ACC websites and find where your goals and interests align best. Pursue opportunities that you may already be passionate about or want to explore further.  You can always email state chapter executives and governors, but attending conferences and meeting them in-person is best. Feel free to contact your FIT section leadership or ACC staff, Kate Bell at kbell@acc.org with any questions you may have. I hope you're inspired to get involved with ACC!