When will my FIT ACC membership be active? 
Soon after you officially begin your fellowship on July 1, your training program will enter you into the ACC Training Portal. This will automatically generate an invitation allowing you to create your FIT ACC member profile. The invitation will come from trainingprograms@acc.org
Why haven't I received an invitation email? 
Invitation emails are being sent by the Training Program Coordinator, and should come from trainingprograms@acc.org. You may reach out to them if you have any more concerns. You may also check your spam mail in case the invitation ended up there.
What do I get with my membership? 
You can get discounts on education products and meeting registration fees, access to family JACC journals, complimentary section membership (http://www.acc.org/membership/sections-and-councils/fellows-in-training-section/get-involved), travel awards, chapter membership, networking opportunities, and access to the FIT section webpage and newsletter.
Continuing into advance training, do I still qualify for FIT membership? 
Yes. Please contact ACC (trainingprograms@acc.org) and inform us of your continued training and update your member profile online. This will ensure we have your updated contact information.  
What should I do if I have I lost access to ACCSAP? 
Unless you purchased the ACCSAP product independently, you probably had access through your previous training institution. Check with your new institution to gain access to their ACCSAP account.  
Can I apply for FACC while I'm still in training? 
Yes. You may apply up to six months prior to the completion of your training. However, if you apply before you pass your Board exams, and before you have a confirmed hospital and/or academic appointment, your application will remain on file with a status of “pending” until we receive confirmation that you have passed the Boards. Your application will also be considered “pending” until we have confirmed appointments. Please note you are still considered "in training" if you are pursuing advanced training. For more information on applying for FACC, please click here: http://www.acc.org/membership/sections-and-councils/fellows-in-training-section/membership/your-path-to-facc
I received a dues notice in the mail with a balance but I am still in training. 
You will need to contact fellowsintraining@acc.org with a letter from your training program director verifying your current training program and expected end date. Please include an up-to-date home address and email.
What happens to my membership once I have completed my fellowship?
Once you’ve completed your fellowship, you will become an Associate Fellow member. You will still receive complimentary membership and access to your benefits through the end of the year. In September of your graduation year, you will receive a special 75% discount to renew your membership online for the following year. This discount also applies to new FACCs.

I haven’t been receiving my JACC journals. Who do I contact about getting that fixed?
First, make sure your address is updated in your FIT account. Then, contact ACC Member Care at membercare@acc.org. They will resolve the issue for you.

How do I get involved? 
A great way to get involved is to reach out to your local ACC Chapter. You can find more information here: http://www.acc.org/membership/chapters/acc-state-chapters

You can also reach out to your FIT Leadership Council members to learn about the below work groups and current projects.
Member Engagement/Value

More information can be found here: http://www.acc.org/membership/sections-and-councils/fellows-in-training-section/about-us/section-initiatives
How do I get involved in a Committee Council?
Nomination period opens in the late summer/early fall. Please contact committees@acc.org for more details on applying to the FIT Council. 

For additional questions, contact Kristin West at kwest@acc.org, or email FellowsinTraining@acc.org.