Save the Date: Third Annual ACC Midwest WIC Symposium Coming Up in June

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When I started my cardiology fellowship just a few months ago, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to get involved with the ACC as early as this year.

However, thanks to my superwoman Associate Program Director Poonam Velagapudi, MD, MS, FACC, who introduced me to the local ACC chapter, I have had the opportunity to be the ACC Fellow in Training (FIT) representative on the planning committee for the third Annual ACC Midwest Women In Cardiology (WIC) Symposium.

Although I felt overwhelmed and nervous about this responsibility, Velagapudi helped me set an agenda and stick to it. When we had our first planning committee conference call, I was introduced to some of the prominent female leaders of cardiology, and I had the pleasure of interacting with the people whom I look up to and aspire to become one day.

As the FIT representative on the planning committee, I have been involved with identifying our local ACC WIC leaders and inviting them for guest lectures, which allowed me to locate and interact with some of our regional experts in cardiovascular disease.

I also experienced first-hand the financial side of organizing an event of this size when we went hunting for the perfect venue and negotiated the best price, which was no easy task.

Thankfully, I had the help of my chapter coordinator, Carmen, who made the process less daunting for me.

The most important part of organizing an event is inviting all the appropriate people.

As the FIT representative, I reached out to as many FITs, resident and medical students as possible in the region (which is vast – we are covering about 20 states and 80 programs in the Midwest), inviting them to participate.

Although email invitations are formal and official, we wanted a reach a broader audience, and what better way to do that than through the FIT newsletter?

So, I would like to invite all my dear ACC FITs to join me at the third Annual ACC Midwest WIC Symposium on June 6 in Omaha, NE.

The meeting will include talks by renowned ACC WIC leaders on topics of importance to practicing women in cardiology and trainees pursuing or interested in cardiology followed by a dinner event for networking.

There is also a special poster session for students, residents and fellows with prizes for the top three posters presented. This event is a great opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate with peers, current and future mentors, friends, and Twitterati!

So join us in Omaha on June 6.

For those who cannot make it, consider getting involved with your local or regional ACC chapter. As a budding FIT, this whole experience has been exciting and fascinating for me.

I have found the ACC involvement to be a great venue to channel my interest in extra-clinical activities, in addition to my first forays into academic research.

Getting involved with my local chapter certainly gave me the golden opportunity to interact with some of my idols whom I have been following on social media, and before I could realize, I am now on the planning committee for a major regional conference.

I strongly encourage all my co-FITS to get involved with their local ACC chapters, engage actively in all the events and discover the world of opportunities out there.

I look forward to continuing my involvement, and to meeting and befriending new people this year.

Click here for the full agenda.

Swethika Sundaravel, MD

This article was authored by Swethika Sundaravel, MD, Fellow in Training (FIT) at the Univerity of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE. Follow Dr. Sundaravel on Twitter: @swethika.