FIT Perspective On ACC’s CV Overview and Board Prep


Are you preparing for initial board certification and looking for an in-depth review of cardiovascular medicine? Last year, Ryan Mallory, MD, an interventional cardiology fellow at Indiana University Krannert Institute of Cardiology, was in the same position and participated in ACC's Cardiovascular Overview and Board Prep Virtual Experience course. Here's what he has to say about the course:

What did you like best about the course?
I liked how the course was organized. It gave me a structure over multiple months to study for boards and allowed me to pace myself early which was important with being in an interventional fellowship. I also enjoyed the live review sessions where the experts broke down how to approach the test and reviewed high-yield topics.

Are there features of the course that stood out?
Resources like the ECG Drill & Practice were very helpful in strategizing how to answer questions on the ECG portion of the test in a way to maximize points without penalizing yourself for adding extra information. The review lectures and ACCSAP questions were also very helpful for my preparation.

Why did you feel this course was helpful in preparing for the initial certification exam?
Like every standardized exam, there is a test-taking strategy that allows you increase the probability that you correctly answer questions that you are unsure about. This course helped me in that regard. It also allowed me to pace myself during a very busy time in my fellowship and helped me to stay focused on every section and not gravitate towards sections that I found easier or more interesting. I did well on the exam, and I think this course was key in allowing me to do so.

This year's course, taking place July 6 – Oct. 31, will guide you through the content categories covered in the ABIM Cardiovascular Disease Certification Exams and provide you with a comprehensive overview of cardiology. Register now.