Use Heart Songs 5 to Master Your Cardiac Auscultation Skills

Listen to Heart Songs 5 at your convenience to improve your cardiac auscultation skills. As a Fellow in Training, this online program will provide you with high-quality heart sounds and covers basic murmurs/sounds, intermediate murmurs, expert murmurs, and adult congenital murmurs which will facilitate your understanding and mastery of many hear murmurs/sounds. Cardiac auscultation has traditionally been taught as if it were an intellectual skill, with a didactic lecture followed by a brief demonstration of heart sounds. Heart Songs, on the other hand, is based on psychoacoustic research demonstrating that intensive repetition (400 to 600 times) is required for the human brain to master a new sound. This degree of repetition is necessary for the formation of an auditory template of each new sound. According to Michael J. Barrett, MD, FACC, "Research demonstrates that practice makes perfect when trying to master cardiac auscultation. Listening to these "Heart Songs" at the computer or iPod [or phone] can help clinicians at every level refine their auscultation skills." Learn more.