Feature | Transforming Cardiovascular Care: ACC and MedAxiom

The professional home for the entire cardiovascular team is growing! The ACC has acquired MedAxiom, a cardiovascular services and consulting firm. This new relationship adds the company's recognized leadership in cardiovascular operations, performance improvement and business acumen to ACC's world class science, education, registry, quality improvement and advocacy work.

Together, it adds up to a greater capacity to transform cardiovascular care. MedAxiom provides important services and education in nonclinical domains such as interpersonal and organizational leadership, strategic design, operational and performance management, and improvement and technological infrastructure.

"The expansion of advanced technology and the renewed focus on value are radically remaking what it means to be a good clinician in the 21st century," says ACC CEO Tim Attebery, DSc, MBA, FACHE. "We must embrace these changes and ensure that cardiovascular care team members are empowered to thrive in this new world. By welcoming MedAxiom into the ACC family, clinicians, practices, health systems and hospitals can take advantage of the strengths and expertise of both groups to optimize cardiovascular care and patient outcomes."

Why this acquisition and why now? The need for the development of comprehensive solutions for the cardiovascular enterprise was identified by two task forces convened in 2017 by ACC's Board of Trustees. They noted that ACC members, as well as hospitals and health systems, were looking to the College for tools to improve patient care and outcomes – and tools to navigate the strategic, operational, financial and other nonclinical aspects of health care today.

The recommendations of the task forces were incorporated within ACC's new five-year Strategic Plan, as part of an overarching goal to develop and implement a health system and cardiovascular enterprise strategy.

Through MedAxiom, the College can provide to cardiovascular professionals around the world the much-needed and requested strategic, business and operational solutions necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving health care environment. Importantly, the ACC can help to address the needs of hospitals and health systems where ACC members increasingly work.

"Addressing the increasingly complicated business and financial aspects of medicine that extend beyond clinical patient care are vital in today's health care environment," says MedAxiom's Pat White, who will serve as a senior advisor while leadership is transitioned. "MedAxiom is excited to join the ACC Foundation and focus on transforming cardiovascular care, together."

What happens next? ACC is committed to maintaining the entrepreneurial and nimble spirit that has been a hallmark of MedAxiom's success over the last nearly 20 years. MedAxiom will continue to operate as a wholly-owned, but separately incorporated, for-profit enterprise and will continue its current operations from its headquarters in Florida. ACC membership and MedAxiom resources and services will continue to remain separate.

A separate Board will govern MedAxiom and Atteberry will serve as CEO of both ACC and MedAxiom. To ensure continuity, Jennifer Linville, current MedAxiom CEO, will serve as a valuable consultant to Attebery.

Learn more about MedAxiom, an ACC company, at MedAxiom.com. More information about the ACC and MedAxiom will also be available during ACC.19 in New Orleans, LA, from March 16 – 18, as well as at MedAxiom's Spring CV Transforum in Amelia Island, FL, from April 3 – 5.

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