FITs in the US/Canada

As a fellow-in-training in the US and in Canada you'll receive complimentary membership in the ACC through your training program. To initiate your membership benefits, please contact your training director or administrative staff and ask them to add you into the ACC Training Portal. All training programs have access to this portal. Once you are entered into the portal, you will receive an automatically generated email to create your FIT member record. Your training program staff will need to approve your record and then you will be a FIT member of ACC.

Note: If you previously had either a medical student or resident ACC member record, please do not create a new FIT record. Your training administrator will still need to add you into the ACC Training Portal, but when you receive the email invitation to create your record, do not create a new record. Instead, send your existing member ID and your current contact info and training end date to The staff managing this mailbox can update your existing member record to an FIT membership.

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FITs outside the US/Canada

The ACC offers complimentary membership to FITs who reside in countries where there is an ACC Chapter for the duration of their training. Find more information here >>>

FIT Membership for Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon Trainees