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In Córdoba, Argentina, the Instituto Modelo de Cardiología (IMC), Privado S.R.L.'s commitment to high standards of medical practice and its dedication to providing quality cardiovascular care to the local community was recently recognized as part of the ACC International Center of Excellence (ICOE) Program. Hospitals recognized as an ICOE must participate in at least one NCDR Registry and have earned at least one ACC Accreditation Services accreditation.

"Becoming an International Center of Excellence signifies a very real commitment to optimizing cardiovascular care and improving patient outcomes," says ACC CEO Tim Attebery, MBA, DsC, FACHE. "The leadership and staff at IMC should be applauded for the work they have done to tangibly make a difference in the management and treatment of the cardiovascular patients that come through their doors."

IMC currently participates in the CathPCI Registry and is one of the first hospitals in South America to receive Heart Failure Accreditation and Chest Pain Center Accreditation as part of ACC's Accreditation Services. As a result of the Accreditation process, the hospital has developed a system that leverages a team of providers ranging from cardiologists in the emergency department to nurses in the ICU or intermediate care to ensure a streamlined approach to managing patients from the time they are admitted to the emergency room until discharge.

Cardiology Magazine Image

Standardized treatment protocols, order sets and discharge process, along with continuous training for all clinicians on guidelines, best practices, news research, and more, are all part of ICMs recipe for success.

"It's so inspiring to see nurses engaged and motivated to learn and raise the bar for care delivery in their country," says ACC's Maghee Disch MSN, RN, CNL, CHFN, AACC, who helped the hospital through the accreditation process.

In addition, the ICM provides CPR education in the community and uses patient education visuals throughout the hospital, and in personalized discharge handouts, to help with public education on the signs and symptoms of heart failure.

In August, Disch, along with Attebery and ACC Accreditation Management Board Chair Phillip D. Levy MD, MPH, FACC, attended the Jornada Internacional de Cardiolgía 2019 to officially recognize IMC for their efforts. Javier Agustín Sala Mercado, MD, PhD, presented on the hospital's accomplishments and lessons learned as part of this event. For more photos from the event and the Instituto Modelo de Cardiología, Privado S.R.L., check out Cardiology online at ACC.org/Cardiology.

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