Cover Story | 12 Strategies For Creating a Successful Team

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What are key strategies to create a successful team?

Speaking at ACC's Cardiovascular Summit, Craig Beavers, PharmD, FACC, shared these:

  1. Agree to "share the care" and practice team-based care. This requires acceptance and openness to collaboration.
  2. Define the patient population.
  3. Develop specific teams based on your population's potential needs.
  4. Find a champion.
  5. Involve team members in all stages of the change process.
  6. Educate providers, nonclinical staff, administration and patients on the purpose and importance of team-based care to win over naysayers. This includes developing a business plan on sustaining such a practice financially.
  7. Set clear goals and responsibilities.
  8. Define lines of communication and the reporting structure.
  9. Organize team members in the same location.
  10. Dedicate time for team meetings and include communication about specific patients.
  11. Reevaluate, retrain, and reeducate through continuous process improvement.
  12. Rediscover enjoyment and satisfaction in practice.
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