Cover Story | Seven Tips to Recognize the Value of Team-Based Care

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How do you determine the value of team-based care?

Ami B. Bhatt, MD, FACC, offered these approaches:

  1. Non-wRVU financial opportunities.
  2. Lower cost delivery model with appropriate use of APPs.
  3. Improved patient throughput.
  4. Risk-adjusted coding optimization.
  5. Population health data collection to achieve guideline-directed medical therapy.
  6. Algorithms to provide reproducible care and improved reliability.
  7. Incorporate pharmacy into outpatient care for clinician education, patient adherence, improved health literacy, and rapid implementation of novel medications.

Speaking at ACC's Cardiovascular Summit, Bhatt stressed that culture change is essential and when based on transparency and uniformity improves efficiency as it decreases baseline variability.

"These mechanisms engender a sense of fairness, but can still allow preservation of autonomy for the clinician," she said.

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