Careers in Clinical Trials Research

Interested in pursuing or advancing your career in clinical trials research? The American College of Cardiology is dedicated to providing resources to help you get started, build your profile as a clinical trials research and reach your career goals. Discover a wealth of resources below!

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ACC's Clinical Trial Research: Upping Your Game Program

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has a long history in promoting, supporting and highlighting the importance of clinical research in advancing cardiovascular care. Clinical research is critical in developing therapies and devices, informing guidelines, improving heart health, patient outcomes, patient safety, and expanding availability of treatments to patient populations.

To build on ACC's expertise and experience, the College established the Clinical Trials Research Program: Upping Your Game (CTR). This program aims to diversify the leadership and workforce within cardiovascular clinical research by recruiting individuals who have been historically underrepresented in cardiology, and have a demonstrated interest in clinical trial research.

As of July 2022, more than 150 learners have been enrolled in the CTR program, including nearly 100 women.

Clinical Trials Research Workforce

The cardiology clinical trial research workforce is comprised of a wide spectrum of specialists and roles. ACC members, including cardiologists, nurses, physician assistants and PharmDs have opportunities to develop instrumental roles, including clinical research coordinator, investigator and principle investigators.

ACC Clinical Trials Research Opportunities & Resources

In addition to the CTR Program, the ACC offers several avenues to learn about careers in clinical trials research, apply for funding and network with senior research leaders. Details about ACC programs related to clinical research educational programs, and funding opportunities follow below.

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