LGBTQ+ Working Group

 The purpose of our work group is to promote inclusion and equity within cardiology and to engage with clinicians to increase education to our cardiology colleagues about awareness of cardiovascular issues within the LGBTQ+ patient population as well as increasing visibility among our LGBTQ+ peers and creating a safe space within the College. 

— Stephen Cook, MD, FACC, Chair, LGBTQ+ Work Group


The LGBTQ+ Working Group (WG) was established to provide a safe space for the growing number of LGBTQ+ professionals and allies within the American College of Cardiology. This group works to enhance the College's understanding of diversity and inclusion of LGBTQ+ providers and to educate individuals and health systems about the unique needs of sexual and gender minorities. Through visibility, education, and awareness of cardiovascular disease in the LGBTQ+ community, we strive for a reduction in CV health care disparities for this marginalized population. The LGBTQ+ Working Group builds a community for our ACC members by facilitating professional development, research and educational opportunities, and mentorship of future generations of cardiologists.

To cultivate diversity in the field of cardiology, the ACC, in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ WG, also created an Internal Medicine Cardiology cohort dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ Internal Medicine residents interested in training in cardiology. Learn more here.

Members and Leadership

  • Stephen Cook, MD – Chair, LGBTQ+ WG
  • Quinn Capers, MD – Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Geoff Barnes, MD
  • Elin Beck, MD
  • Matthew Carazo, MD, FACC
  • Melvin Echols, MD, FACC
  • Mike Fradley, MD
  • Michael Girouard, MD
  • Emily Guhl, MD
  • Louis Miller, MD
  • Caroline Ong, MD
  • Tony Pastor, MD
  • Jae Patton, MSN, CRNP
  • Leigh Reardon, MD
  • Jill Steiner, MD
  • Kadijah Porter, MD
  • Ashlan van Cleeff, MD

Get Involved Today

Please contact Stephanie Mitchell at to get involved.