Your American College of Cardiology: Working For You

For more than 70 years the American College of Cardiology has focused on supporting cardiovascular clinicians around the world and finding ways to leverage innovation and knowledge to optimize cardiovascular care and patient outcomes. Today, the ACC consists of more than 54,000 committed individuals united by a shared mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health.

The American College of Cardiology remains focused on being a good steward of its financial resources so that it is positioned to invest in tools and services that drive the transformation of cardiovascular care.

ACC's Strategic Plan, which guides the College through 2023, defines our goals of:

  • Increasing relevance as the cardiovascular professional home
  • Generating and delivering actionable knowledge
  • Advancing quality, equity and value of cardiovascular care
  • Ensuring organizational growth and sustainability

Achieving these goals is dependent on the dedication, leadership and hard work of ACC leaders, members and staff working together across the College.

Our NCDR and quality improvement initiatives continue to drive revenue for the College even as they provide clinicians and practices with actionable data and tools to aid clinical decision making. We’ve also undertaken efforts to modernize clinical guidelines, as well as develop tools that allow localization of guidelines to specific countries or regions.

Our Education and Publishing arenas continue to grow and adapt to a changing environment by leveraging innovative new learning formats. We’re making investments to collaborating with partners to ensure we’re meeting the needs of clinicians across the spectrum of cardiology, including emerging clinical areas like cardio-oncology and cardiovascular health promotion. We’ve also continued to move forward with the new Collaborative Maintenance Pathway option for recertification using the College's SAP products.

Recognizing cardiovascular disease knows no borders, our Assembly of International Governors is leading efforts to expand the ACC's footprint around the world, with the goal of improving health equity and global heart health.

Increasing ACC's relevance as the professional home for its members is also another major area of focus, with more than 50 projects underway among nearly every Member Section Leadership Council and the Board of Governors. Across nearly every committee, council and task force, there is a conscientious effort to identify, engage with and train the next generation of cardiovascular leaders and ensure a diverse and inclusive profession.

We invite you to learn more about ACC’s latest initiatives impacting you, our members.

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