ACC's CMP: Simplifying MOC

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As the alternative assessment option from ACC and ABIM, the ACC's Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP) makes it easier for clinicians to meet ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements by offering more choice and flexibility – and most importantly more time to focus on patients.

Specifically, the CMP integrates lifelong learning through ACCSAP, CathSAP, EP SAP, and HF SAP and allows clinicians to update their knowledge of new science, guidelines and more in manageable increments, just 20% of the field a year, covering the entire field over a five-year period while earning all the necessary CME and MOC credits.

With the extension of the deadline for meeting 2020 Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP) requirements to allow clinicians to focus on their patients and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, currently certified physicians have had more time to meet MOC requirements. However, for those enrolled in the ACCSAP CMP, the next Performance Assessment window will take place May 5-11. The last 2021 Performance Assessment period for ACCSAP CMP enrollees is slated for Aug. 11-17. For clinicians enrolled in CathSAP, EP SAP and HF SAP, don't miss the June 23-29 Performance Assessment dates.

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