MedAxiom’s MedAxcess Database Helps Organizations Benchmark, Evaluate Efficiencies and Set Goals

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At the heart of MedAxiom is MedAxcess, the largest and most powerful cardiovascular-specific database in the U.S. This proprietary and interactive database allows more than 400 MedAxiom member organizations to query extensive data resources on demand and provides a powerful tool for organizations seeking to review, benchmark and interpret their data.

Programs can compare themselves with others using over 800 metrics from key areas such as:

  • Provider productivity comparisons
  • Procedure ratios, such as cath-to-nuclear ratio or new patient visits to return visits ratio
  • Procedure volumes by practice designated physician and patient panel size
  • Revenue, expense, profit and number of studies
  • General ledger
  • Staffing comparison
  • Accounts receivable and payer mix

Every year, MedAxiom members have the opportunity to submit CPT, FTE and compensation data through MedAxcess. The annual survey submission period opened on Jan. 8. CPT and FTE surveys are due by Feb. 21.

Financial and demographic surveys are due by March 20.

Organizations that submit data by the deadlines receive a key indicator report that provides trending and benchmarking insights for evaluating efficiencies and setting goals for the upcoming year.

In-depth analysis of the report will be highlighted at the Spring'20 CV Transforum.

MedAxcess data are also used to develop MedAxiom's annual Cardiovascular Provider Compensation and Production Survey, an essential strategic planning tool.

Is your organization a MedAxiom member?

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