Poem | And People Went to Work

And the people went to work

And wore masks and paper gowns

And cared for the feverish and weak

And bathed them and fed them

And took them for testing and fluffed their pillows

And gave them medications and IV fluids

And held their hands and wiped their brows

And tried to give comfort

Someone listened

Someone wept

Someone prayed

And the people learned about the virus

And most people got better

And some people died

And the visitors were unable to come

And the schools and churches closed

And the people appreciated the doctors and nurses

And the people thanked the first responders

And they were steadfast in their calling as health care workers.

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This poem was authored by Gina P. Lundberg, MD, FACC, clinical director of the Emory Women's Heart Center and associate professor at the Emory University School of Medicine.

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