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Data collection has begun for the first cohort of 10 hospitals and institutions from seven countries participating in ACC's new Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative (GHATI). Additional participants from several other countries are expected to join the growing global community in early 2020.

"Access barriers from long distances, lack of systems of care, and insufficient financial resources … require new treatment solutions including pharmaco-invasive measures as well as patient and public education of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack," according to B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC.

Wilson is an ex officio member of ACC's GHATI Work Group. He notes that GHATI provides a unique opportunity to find these solutions.

Current cohort participants have completed the onboarding process and will be receiving assistance and tools in the coming months to help with identifying areas for improvement and implementing change based on the data submitted.

As part of GHATI, they also become part of an ongoing knowledge sharing and networking community, with the ability to connect via webinars, listserv and learning sessions.

Visit to learn more about the initiative and how to get involved. Look for early outcomes to be shared during ACC.20 Together With the World Congress of Cardiology as well.

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