Innovative Forum Explores Opportunities for Applied AI in Health Care

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The ACC's first Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) Symposium, held Dec. 4 at Heart House in Washington, DC, brought together ACC members, along with industry and tech stakeholders to discuss the potential for AI in transforming health care delivery.

ACC's Chief Innovation Officer John Rumsfeld, MD, PhD, FACC, along with Dipti Itchhaporia, MD, FACC, and Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM, FACC, kicked off the day-long event by outlining what the ACC is trying to accomplish in the digital transformation space; how to move AI from concept to practice; and the importance of multistakeholder collaboration to effectively achieve applied AI, respectively.

A panel made up of representatives from Janssen, Amgen and Evidation Health, Inc. reacted to the presentations, reiterating the sweeping potential of AI, while also stressing the need to focus on the problems needing to be solved first, building trust and ensuring a patient-centered approach.

Subsequent breakout discussions focused on concrete steps that could lead to implementation of AI to support clinical decision-making within the clinical setting, ranging from addressing regulatory factors to defining best practices for workflow integration and changing culture to encourage adoption.

Rumsfeld noted that he hopes the symposium is the first of ongoing discussions on how to move forward from promise to reality. "Discussions like these cannot be singular in nature, but rather, need to be sustained over time."

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